18 October 2012

A Week of Firsts

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to ride my bicycle to school. In a previous post, I wrote that I didn’t want to ride my bicycle because the traffic was heavy and I was afraid that I might get into an accident. I usually got a ride to and from school with Herman (the Whitney Houston fanatic), and if I needed to go anywhere else, someone would pick me up with his or her moto or I would walk. I realized that I had to get over my fear and that my independence and mobility were tied heavily to being able to ride the bike. I planned for the big day in advance; I would stay on the left side of the road and I would get off my bicycle if I needed to cross the road to head in the opposite direction. The first time I rode the bicycle on my street in September, I swerved a lot; I was nervous and my arms would not stop shaking. But on the big day, although I was still nervous, I swerved less. I also passed my main tests: crossing the street and riding around the Bamboo Roundabout. The bike ride was quite the workout since I haven’t been working out, and I was very sweaty when I reached school. But that was okay. I made it! It was a huge victory for me.

Me, on my pretty little mountain bike. 

This is the soft seat cover that is literally saving my behind. I 
had to get this a week later. Now, the ride to school is more comfortable
I love you Velo Extra Gel seat cover! 
Last week, I taught the 10th graders for the first time. During my first week here, I observed my co-teacher, but after that the students had two weeks of presentations on global warming, and one week and a half of midterm exams, which is why I had to wait for a long time. This was the day after I returned from my trip to Madura, and I came back riding a wave of energy, ready to teach. My first lesson went well. My co-teacher and I talked about sports played in America and the present continuous tense. We also discussed the use of can to describe ability and inability. Later, I realized that we could have taught this in a separate lesson because the students were mixing the sentence structure for present continuous tense with the sentence structure for modals. In my assessment for the lesson, I got a sentence like this: I am can playing badminton. So, I decided I would reteach can and talk about other modals in future lessons.

Kelas XD (Class 10D)

Kelas XA

Whenever I ended a lesson early, I treated the class to a game of Ninja and I reassigned seats by having the students draw numbers randomly from a hat. Now, I know the names of my troublemakers and can reassign their seats when necessary.

Kelas XB plays a game of Ninja!

I plan to use Rod Stewart’s Sailing to help teach the present continuous tense in my next lesson. I will let you know how that goes.

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